Many people are curious to know how to make a viral Instagram reel or TikTok video with minimal editing skills. If you’re one of those, this post is for you!

Creating engaging video content doesn’t have to be complicated. In today’s digital world, where capturing moments and sharing stories is a top priority for people, accessible editing tools like CapCut come to the rescue. 

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This blog is your beginner’s guide to CapCut’s online editor, features, and how to get started on your editing journey.

What is CapCut Online Editor?

CapCut Online is a web-based video editor available directly from your browser. No software downloads or installations are required to enjoy its features. It makes the editing process convenient and simple for everyone. 

It boasts a clean and intuitive interface that caters to users of all skill levels (beginners and pros). You can use Capcut on your desktop and Mac devices just like Android. Getting excited? Dive right into editing without getting overwhelmed.

capcut online editor application for iphone

Features of CapCut Online Editor

I can hardly find a better online editor with so many interesting features and functions than the CapCut online editor. For instance, some of them might be cool and offer great features but would still be paid for only the premium users. 

On the other hand, the CapCut is completely free and no one is asking you to pay for the features or functions. Let’s have a look at which cool stuff it has for you.

Filters and Effects

Capcut online editor has a wide library of filters and effects to enhance the visual aesthetics of your videos. You can choose from light leaks, glitch effects, color grading, and adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation for further customization.

If you’re confused in choosing from these filters and effects, try each one one by one. Then set the one that looks perfect for your video. 

CapCut’s advanced features transform your videos into beautiful visuals that are not just interesting but also have a lasting effect on your viewers. It’s a platform to create a dreamy, vintage, or dramatic vibe. 

Text Overlays and Stickers

As a content creator, you essentially have to find a perfect balance between what you see as text, audio, and video. If the viewers can’t find text related to the content claimed in your video it can boil down to not worth it.

At times, just putting some text, that isn’t clear from your video, could create unclear sentences. That’s why there are lots of fonts and animated text overlays for users to select which can be easily visible to your viewers. Add text overlays and stickers to highlight key points, create captions, or personalize your videos. 

Import subtitles and captions to help viewers with hearing difficulty to benefit from your video. These features immensely help in the provision of information, storytelling advancement, and lively visual video.

Background Remover

With the CapCut online editor, you can remove the background of your video or photo with just one click. You just have to upload the video and click on the background remove button to get done this job. 

At the same time, you can also generate a new background for your video after removing the actual one. A good background not only improves your video’s aesthetic appeal but brings your imagination to life with visual effects. 

Many content creators shoot their videos in front of a green screen so that later on can replace them with a background of their choice. This technique is also known as the chroma key or green screen effect. 

capcut online editor application

Video Trimming and Cropping

A video with a lot of unnecessary scenes does not receive a good response from the audience. Precisely trim these portions of your clips using the intuitive sliders. You can also split clips into smaller segments for easier editing.

CapCut online editor provides advanced editing tools to precisely get control over your video content. Such tools include multi-layer timeline editing, keyframe animations, and advanced trimming options. It is easy for you to remove or add any content that you do not find suitable or do not require in the video.

Moreover, this editing tool has the same feature of cropping the image to any size you desire. You can choose from many predefined size ratios which can range from small to large to crop for your image size. It is also possible to select a custom crop and adjust the cropping area manually as needed.

Audio Editing and Sound Effects

Without adding good sound or music, your audience might not understand the message of your video. Audio editing is such a tool that enhances the overall quality of your video and takes the breath away from your audience. 

CapCut online boasts a vast library of royalty-free music and sound effects. No more copyright concerns! Simply browse the library, find the perfect audio track that complements your video, and add it with a click.

With features like adjusting audio levels, adding background music, removing noise, and adding sound effects, you can fine-tune the audio elements. By removing noise and adding sounds, video quality is improved and becomes more professional. With CapCut, you can produce videos that are both visually and audibly exciting.

Ready Made Video Templates

Not all vloggers create the same types of videos. Each video features some diversification. In such cases, the CapCut online editor is a smart solution as it offers already-made video templates. From all these video templates you can decide which one is best for your video.

Whether you’re editing a random image or working on a detailed visual design this is going to be the place where you will find a collection of ICAL CapCut templates. Apart from personal, this online editor also provides a great number of advertisement and business templates. 

The good thing is that these designs are available for free, making them yet another viable option for anyone on a budget.

capcut online editor application for android

How to Use CapCut Online Editor?

If you’re thinking of how to make a polished video by using the above features, no worries. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. You just have to master the following few steps:

Step 1: Signup

The very first thing you have to do to get going with Capcut is to create an account. Just go to the CapCut website and click on either “Sign Up” or “Create Account”. Create your account right now, using your email address, or any other social media account that you can handle easily.

Step 2: Explore the Interface

After your login is complete, you will get to the very simple and user interface-friendly screen with CapCut. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the interface, which is structured to give you an easy time while editing.

Step 3: Upload

To start editing, firstly, you should load your video clips into CapCut. Go to the “Import” or “Add Media” buttons and upload your photos and video clips either from your computer or mobile device. CapCut supports different file formats to make sure the application is compatible with most devices.

capcut editor online

Step 4: Edit

Now, let’s make beautiful editing of your photo and video with features you want to look better. For example, you may add stickers, frames, shapes, and text that interact, and create background effects to make them look impressive. You can also create more effects and filters to further improve the imagery and visual appeal.

Step 4: Export

In the end, after editing your video, download and save the final results into your device by using the export button. 

Bonus Tips for Beginners

  • Feeling lost? CapCut offers a wealth of online tutorials that delve deeper into specific editing techniques. Search for “CapCut Online Tutorial” to find a treasure trove of helpful resources.
  • Take your time with complex edits. Start with basic cuts, transitions, and text overlays to build your confidence.
  • Be bold and play around with different effects, filters, and music to discover your unique editing style.


CapCut online editor will make the process of video editing even easier and faster, so everyone can claim to be a video editing pro. Your video will become a masterpiece with this user-friendly interface, rich features, and free-to-use plan. 

This beginner’s guide will help you on your way to pursue editing. So, grab your favorite video clips, open CapCut online, and start editing!