It’s time to celebrate new beginnings, hope, fresh starts, and all the exciting adventures a New Year brings. We bid farewell to the past and welcome the future with open arms. And what better way to celebrate this occasion than with a fun and festive video?

If you want to create a fun and engaging video for this occasion, look no further than CapCut’s treasure trove of Happy New Year CapCut templates. This blog will have all the templates of Capcut software.

People make nostalgic videos to share yearly memories on social media with their loved ones. You can wish your friends and family a Happy New Year using this template with a Whatsapp status or Instagram reel. 

What is a Happy New Year CapCut Template?

Everyone wants to make a trending video for the New Year celebration. Happy New Year CapCut template gives you a way to capture and share warm and lovely moments with others. It encapsulates the essence of hope and optimism. 

This template is surely hitting on TikTok, making your content viral within a few days. Almost  474034 users are actively using this template to create a perfect video. 

You can edit and personalize the template to make content with the New Year theme. Many Happy New Year templates are available within CapCut. Choose the one that truly attracts you to make a video for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook reels, and YouTube Shorts.

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Types of Happy New Year Templates

Here’s a glimpse into the variety of Happy New Year templates you might encounter:

  • Countdown Celebrations: This template features exciting transitions and effects that build up to a thrilling countdown into the New Year.
  • Photo Montage Reels: Showcase your favorite memories from the past year with this dynamic template designed for photo collages.
  • Animated Greetings: Opt for a lighthearted and playful touch with templates that add quirky animations and cheerful text overlays.
  • Year in Review: This template is an opportunity to create an ex post facto of your year’s highlights, adding a sentimental touch to your video.
  • Party Invite Template: Party invitations should be as exciting as the party itself. This template is filled with joy and celebration. It’s simple to personalize, ensuring that your invitation reflects the unique essence of your event. Using this template, invite everybody to talk about the party. 
  • New Year Sale Template: If you’re planning a New Year sale? This template is designed to capture attention and drive engagement with festive charm and compelling messages. It’s a secret weapon for entrepreneurs. 
  • New Year Menu Template: This template is your go-to choice while hosting a New Year feast party at your home. It transforms your festive menu into a visual feast, tempting the taste buds and telling guests to savor your culinary delight.
happy new year capcut template link 2024

Benefits of Using Happy New Year Template

Time Efficiency

In the hectic holiday season, time is everything. With this template, you can create a video in just a few minutes. With the Feature of drag-and-drop, you can easily edit your video and this feature make the process easier and less time-consuming.

This eliminates the need to start from scratch since the inbuilt templates, pre-defined animations, and filters are already ready to use. It means that you have the extra minutes to be with your family and mingle together.

Professional-Looking Results

Even a newbie with little video editing skills can quickly achieve the much-coveted professional video look. The New Year templates are created by experienced designers, assuring a consistent and good-looking design theme. 

The only thing that it does is beautiful animation, incredible typography, and eye-catching transitions to help you polish your video.

Enhance Festive Spirit

The festive season is all about spreading smiles and good feelings and Happy New Year CapCut templates make the happiness spread deeper. Their brilliant colors, festive designs, and amusing animations evoke a sense of warmness and celebration. 

This template serves as a visual ambassador of the holiday season, bringing smiles to viewers and making the surroundings warm and festive.

Engaging Storytelling

One of the most important features of a Happy New Year template is that it lets you create a storyline. As a result, you can dwell on the most memorable past year events or hope for the upcoming year.

The template’s design and storytelling help the viewer to walk along a little story. It can be a recap of memorable moments, new resolutions for the coming year, or warm greetings for family members and friends.

Customization Flexibility

While Happy New Year CapCut templates provide a ready-to-use structure, they also offer ample room for customization. From adding your own photos and videos to tweaking colors, fonts, and music, you have the freedom to tailor the template to suit your vision. 

You can customize the template with heartful wishes to insert your message in colorful fonts and styles. This flexibility ensures that your New Year wish template is not just seen but felt by the heart. 

Boost Engagement

Visually appealing and well-designed greetings are more likely to capture attention and resonate with recipients. Templates with festive animations or interactive elements can make your message stand out in a crowded inbox or social media feed.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability is now the talk of the town as the paper waste has increased in our planet Earth. Digital greetings are a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional paper cards. Using a Happy New Year template allows you to spread holiday cheer without contributing to paper waste. 

How to Use Happy New Year CapCut Template?

  • Browser through the New Era templates or search for the Happy New Year CapCut template in the search bar. 
  • Preview each one to find the perfect match for your video. 
  • Once you’ve chosen a template, click on the “Use Template” button. 
  • You can customize it to suit your preferences. Add your videos, photos, text, and music to personalize the template. Adjust colors, apply filters, add transitions, and more to create a polished look.
  • When you’re satisfied with your video, simply export it to your preferred resolution. Share it on social media, send it to friends and family, or keep it as a cherished memento of the New Year.


This Happy New Year CapCut template allows you to develop a one-of-a-kind video that will be unforgettable for your viewers.

Whatever you are shooting to make moments that will forever be in your memory, setting goals for the future, or just spreading cheer and laughter with your loved ones, this template is sure to leave a mark.

All right folks, get your phones, try this wonderful template, and get ready to make a showstopping New Year clip they won’t stop speaking about!