When you go for video editing, finding the perfect template that suits your style is like discovering a hidden treasure. Those captivated by Bollywood must be familiar with the Janam Janam popular song from the movie “Dilwale” featuring the legendary Shahrukh Khan and Kajol.

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After ages, this song is still trending on TikTok reels. That is where the Janam Janam CapCut template has emerged as a shining gem, giving you a delightful blend of nostalgia and creativity. 

To get viral on social media with more aesthetic videos, you can also check out other trendy templates within CapCut like the Collab Ber 2 CapCut template, Habibi CapCut template, and Healing CapCut Template. The template features a sophisticated and visually appealing design with smooth transitions, subtle effects, and elegant text overlays.

This blog post will explore why to choose the Janam Janam CapCut template to revolutionize the video editing game. With the know-how to use it, you can join the already set popular trend on social media. 

Why the Janam Janam CapCut Template?

The “Janam Janam” template typically features a series of quick cuts between photos or videos to create a captivating visual flow. Here are some key elements that define why you have to choose this template:

Smooth Transition

The template employs a series of seamless transitions, often adding blurs, zooms, and wipes, to create a sense of continuity and smooth visual storytelling. You can also add text overlays that appear and disappear in sync with the music, allowing creators to convey messages or lyrics.

Color Grading

Color is such a powder that directly influences the soul. Gentle color grading is sometimes used to enhance the mood and aesthetic of the edit, aligning with the song’s emotional tone. Soft, subtle light overlays often grace the edits, adding an ethereal and dreamlike feel to the visuals.


One of the standout features of the Janam Janam CapCut template is its versatility. No matter you’re creating a romantic tribute, a fun dance video, a travel vlog, or even a heartfelt family collage, this template is a perfect canvas for your imagination.

Exploring the Template’s Variations

While the core of the template remains consistent, the Janam Janam CapCut template boasts several variations, each catering to a different creative style. Here are a few popular ones:

Janam Janam Beat Transition

This template includes the Janam Janam Beat Transition, making your edits even more fascinating. You can effortlessly combine clips to the beat, creating a visually appealing experience that complements the music. 

Infinity X Janam Janam CapCut Template

The exciting “Infinity X Janam Janam” template opens up many creative options, allowing you to easily add the timeless charm of the Janam Janam song from the legendary film “Dilwale” into your video.

Janam Janam Lyrics Template

You can improve your visuals with color adjustments, brightness, and contrast settings to ensure that your edited video inspires the same emotions as the beautiful tune of Janam Janam Template.

Talab Talab Transition Template

This template enhances your content by elegantly blending the essence of the Janam Janam song. The “Talab Talab Transition” effect creates a captivating visual journey that perfectly complements the song’s emotions.

Mended Heart Janam Janam Edit

With the “Mended Heart” effect, you can create a visual narrative that perfectly complements the song’s lyrics. Dive into color adjustments and fine-tune brightness and contrast settings to ensure that your video evokes the feelings of this template.

Janam Janam Reverbed Template

This unique template lets you add the echoing charm of the Janam Janam song from the legendary movie “Dilwale” into your content. The “Reverbed” effect transforms the visuals into an alluring sound that simply matches the essence of the music.

Phir Or Kiya Chahiy CapCut Template

This CapCut template features a striking text overlay with the phrase “Phir Or Kiya Chahiy” in the middle. It’s a dynamic canvas for creating captivating videos centered around love and relationships.

How to Use Janam Janam CapCut Template?

Using the “Janam Janam” template is a breeze. Follow the following steps to use the Janam Janam CapCut Template:

Step 1: Select the Template

Open the CapCut app on your iOS or Android and create a new project. Choose the “Janam Janam” template from the template library or you can also choose from CapCut trending templates. You’ll be greeted with a visually stunning layout, ready to be personalized.

Step 2: Add Your Clips

Import your video clips and arrange them in the desired order. The template is designed with placeholders for different segments of your video, such as the intro, main content, and conclusion.

Step 3: Customize Text and Effects

Personalize your video by adding text overlays, captions, and subtitles. Even you can replace the background music with a song of your choice (refer to CapCut’s music library or import your own). Try different effects of CapCut to set the mood of each clip in the video. One can choose diverse styles from classic and romantic, to chic and energetic.

Step 4: Add Transitions

The video should include smooth transitions that make the scene as much as possible to look professional. The Janam Janam template has different transitional styles, including classic fades and fancy wipes, which will help you to create a smooth flow between your clips.

Step 5: Fine-tune and Preview

After everything is in place, it is good to go back and slightly fine-tune your video. Adjust the timing of the clips, trim the clips, and make the overall look of the video to your liking. Use CapCut’s preview feature to see how everything comes together. 

Step 6: Export and Share

Once you’ve done with your desired video edit, it is now time to export your video. CapCut has various export settings for your convenience so that you can be flexible in the resolutions and formats that you wish to have. Upload your final video using social media platforms for all of your friends to be amazed at your Bollywood-inspired masterpiece

Habibi template has gained popularity for its unique style, which blends up stunning transitions, hip-hop songs, and all-immersive visual effects, thus creating stunning videos. The term Habibi, expresses, My Love, Darling. It is the Arabic language word.  

The Bottom Line

Janam Janam CapCut Template provides a sea of options to try out new creative ideas for video lovers, Bollywood followers, and anyone who loves to watch videos. CapCut’s editing tools in this template offer extraordinary charm, versatility, and color gradient, which further encourages the users to express their creativity as much as possible.

Thus, if you’re all set to witness the cinematic wonders that honor the old age of Bollywood via the Janam Janam template, you’ve got your chance to grow as a talented filmmaker and storyteller. It is up to you to give your story the desired emotional direction, select music that matches the tone, and transition to visual effects that enhance the mood.